A Complete Trade Show Package

The trade show season is here and thousands of people will travel far and wide to check out the latest and greatest products and services around. In a high traffic, stimulating environment, you need to stand out as your potential clients wade through the crowds on the showroom floors. To get the most out of your trade show investment, your exhibit needs to be cohesive and each piece needs to promote your brand in the same way.

Here are three basic aspects of the trade show exhibit that you can easily coordinate to help promote your brand as much as possible.

Booths, banners, and signage

The most obvious aspect of an exhibit is the signage.

Whether you set up with a couple of pop-up banners or have a full back wall structure, these pieces are likely the first thing attendees will notice. Is your brand easily recognized? It’s important to balance the amount of information you put on your exhibit signage as well and you should treat it like a billboard. You have a minimal amount of time to capture someones interest. Often, the actual display pieces are easily replaceable.

Is it time for a refresh before this years events get started?

Exhibitor apparel

Have you ever been to a trade show and the salesperson at an exhibit was not wearing anything branded?

Sure, they may have been dressed professionally, but there’s really something disjointed about them not being a part of the brand package. The options for branded apparel vary greatly allowing your choice to stay within the professional level of your company as well. Are you a fun, casual brand? T-shirts work great. Are you in a more professional industry? Fashion forward dress shirts are also available.

No matter they type of apparel you go with, utilizing a branded piece will help continue the cohesiveness of your exhibit and ensure the highest possibility for recall once the attendee moves on.

Marketing items and giveaways

Promo products, swag, chachkies. Whatever you call them, these items can play a big part in the recall of your brand and product or service.

With thousands of items available its easy to choose something that aligns with your brand. Is the color red a big part of your brand? Choose red giveaways. Are you a tech company? Utilize promos like USB drives or Bluetooth headphones. Every other exhibitor will be giving away promos as well so perhaps the most important piece of advice is to be unique.


In the end, whether you’re a small company with just a table and a sign, or have a multi-space large scale structure, make sure that every piece of your exhibit aligns with your brand and makes sense in helping promote your product or service.

If you’re looking for other ideas on how to promote your brand at your next show, drop us a line!

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