Looking Beyond the Left Chest Decoration

When you think of branded work apparel, it’s likely that the first image to come to mind is an embroidered logo sitting left chest. Whether it’s a polo shirt, dress shirt, or outerwear, if that garment is company supplied, their logo is probably in the same spot. In our opinion, recognition of the left chest decoration has become desensitized causing a loss of impact and recall.

For the employee, this traditional method of branding says simply, “I work here.” While this may be most appropriate for some businesses, utilizing other techniques and positions can change that employee narrative to “I’m representing my company and brand.”

For as much effort that goes in to brand development and management, why stop short with how your employees represent that brand? Using new and unique decoration methods and positions could provide a boost to morale by translating to representing a company rather than simply working there.

Alternative Decoration Methods

Embroidery and screenprinting are the good ol’ standbys. But what else is there?

Heat transfer is another more common method being used today. The technology however has gotten much better allowing for more vibrant colors and tighter cuts of your logo. No more tacky borders surrounding your logo.

Heat Transfer

Dimensional “patches” are a newer option allowing great color definition as well as a physical texture for a unique look.

HXD Dimensional Patch

Laser etching provides a subtle but impactful option for your brand. Great as a background to your main logo represented in full color.

Laser Etching

Decoration Positions

Ok, so left chest has been done before. What else?

Technology has allowed for almost any space on the garment to be decorated. From sleeves to the back and even the sides, there’s high likelihood that you can find a new way to show off your brand.

Decoration positions from PCNA IdeaHub

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even combine some of the above decoration methods for a truly unique garment. For example, laser etch a design or pattern related to your business and then apply a dimensional patch over top.

So, get out of your comfort zone. Don’t default to the classic left chest decoration because it’s easy. Even by adding a second unique position in addition to the left chest changes things up and creates new interest.

If you’d like to talk with us more about using a new method or position with your branded apparel, please send us a note on the Contact page or via email at sales@everythinginkllc.com.

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