Lanyards, Part 1 – Style and Decoration

Lanyards are a go-to promo item for conferences, expos, and other large events and are often used used for brand promotion by schools and universities. Even for employee badges around the office, there are plenty of ways to personalize your lanyard and make it one more piece of your branding.

With so many options and variations available with lanyards, we’ve decided to split things up. First we’ll discuss the different lanyard material types and sizes and the decoration methods available for each.

Materials & Decoration

There are a few other options than listed below but these are your most common. It’s likely you’ve seen these out in the wild and each different material comes with its own benefits to fitting your project.

Polyester – Poly lanyards are the most budget friendly option for your lanyard. They come in solid colors and are usually decorated with screen print in one or two colors.

Woven – Woven lanyards are just that, woven. This unique method is often used by colleges and universities and they work best with text logos. Keep in mind that there are longer production times with this material/decoration style.

Dye-sublimated – Dye sublimation is the process of transferring ink to a material by heat. This allows for the most vibrant and full color decoration. The base material for dye-sub lanyards are a soft nylon. Often, these can be printed with different images on each side, allowing for twice the messaging on the lanyard.


Lanyards usually come in lengths of 32″. The width of the lanyard can be anywhere from 0.5″ to 1.5″. This large window of sizes allows for plenty of opportunity to show off your logo and design as best as possible.

In the next post on lanyards we’ll get into the many different attachments available. When choosing your next lanyard, make sure to factor in these different options to not only create something to hang a badge or key ring on, but another piece to promote your brand. As always, we at Everything Ink are more than happy to help navigate those options.

Happy Promoting!

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