Maintaining Brand Consistency with Promotional Products

Your brand encompasses everything that customers perceive of your company. The logo, color scheme, tone and voice, with any aspect of your branding, you want to convey a consistent message.

Promotional products are an excellent and effective way to promote your business and it’s easy to maintain brand consistency through your item choices. Here are three ways to maintain brand consistency when using promo products.


Nothing quite signifies a brand like it’s main color. Think of a few common brands and their colors might come to mind before their actual logo. While this can be pretty easy when selecting promotional items, sometimes that perfect item just doesn’t come in your specific color. In this instance, consider choosing a neutral color if available such as white or black and using the imprint itself to display your brand colors.

Logo Layout

If not already, your company’s logo should have alternate layouts. Some logos are wide, some tall. Some circular and some square. Imprint areas on promotional items vary in many different shapes and sizes and it’s good to have a logo format that best fits. Don’t, however, try and change things up on the fly just to satisfy the imprint area. Even a small rearrangement to your logo can cause recognition issues.

Item Choice and Brand Tone/Voice

What kind of tone and voice does your company and brand carry? Are you light and upbeat? Or maybe serious? The type of promotional item you select can have its own tone as well and it is important that it matches your own. For example, puzzle and game related items might not be the best fit for a legal firm. And, executive style pens and pad-folios probably aren’t the best for a trendy digital startup.

Keeping these things in mind will help your promotional products be that much more effective.

Working with us at Everything Ink, you can be assured that we will uphold the integrity of your brand through the entire promo item sourcing process. Utilizing a vast network of suppliers and decorators is a standard in our industry. We put in full effort to make sure that when a project uses even just two different sources, that the final products carry a consistent message for your brand.

If you’d like to talk more about making promotional products a true part of your brand, drop us a message.

Happy promoting!


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